Davis Creek

Davis Creek is a serene wilderness creek in the Leland/Navassa area. It is narrow but unobstructed, and completely surrounded by dense forest except for a marsh section near the end, where it empties into the Cape Fear River. Paddling inland eventually takes you into a cypress swamp where the channel may be difficult to follow at times.

From the Leland exit on US 74/76, turn north to the first light. Take a right on S. Navassa Rd. When the road forks, bear left across the train tracks and continue about 1/2 mile to the Davis Creek Park
Difficulty Easy
Hazards Overhanging Branches in the upper reaches can be home to some serpentine reptiles... watch where you're going!
Distance 2 miles from upper reaches of creek to Cape Fear River
Serenity This place is very 'out there'. You may see people during hunting seasons.
Map Davis Creek Launch