Smith Creek

This is a long, scenic tidal creek that is partially civilized and partially wild. It is surprisingly wide throughout its course, and can be paddled from the Northeast Cape Fear River all the way to the North Kerr Avenue bridge fairly easily. Past there the channel loses itself in wetland woods, and it is easy to become lost. The lower portion of the creek towards the river has grassy and reedy banks, while traveling inland marsh forests become dominant. You will also pass the airport on the north side.

DIRECTIONS: One put-in is off Castle Hayne Road (Highway 133) bridge over Smith Creek. There is plenty of shoulder parking on the northwest side with an easement to the creek. Paddling west will take you to the river in a very short time, while paddling east to North Kerr Avenue is the longest part of the trip.
Another put in is at N. Kerr Avenue. From there you can paddle in either direction.

HazardsDowned trees and tree stumps in the upper reaches of the creek
Time4-5 hoursround trip
SerenityThere may be boats in the lower reaches, and aside from three traffic bridges, a railroad bridge, the airport, and a few houses, the creek is remarkably wild and clean throughout its course.
MapMap To Castle Hayne Road Launch
Map To N. Kerr Avenue Launch