Moore’s Creek

This is a beautiful creek in Pender County, and not really affected by tidal variations. It is quite long, and has a deep channel throughout its course.

Besides being a beautiful, remote creek, Moores Creek is historically significant. The Battle of Moores Creek Bridge was the site of the first Patriot victory of the American Revolution. On February 27, 1776, 1000 Patriots defeated 1600 Loyalists (mostly Scots Highlanders from the Cross Creek/Fayetteville area), which ruined British plans for landing an invasionary force at Brunswick Town to the south.
Today, you can paddle past restored palisades and cannon replicas, as well as under the recreated bridge where the actual battle took place. Except for a few houses, the creek is completely wild. It is bordered by thick forest for most of it’s way to the Black River. The section north of the Highway 210 bridge has some surprisingly high bluffs along the east bank. Paddle north from the bridge to reach Moores Creek National Battlefield.
It is not recommended to paddle much past the park, as the creek quickly becomes narrow and hard to follow in the wetland woods. Most of the creek lies to the south of the bridge.

DIRECTIONS: Drive north out of town on Highway 421, then hang a left on Highway 210. When you reach the bridge, park on the northwest shoulder, where there is an easement to the creek. However, it requires you to walk about 150 yards down to the bank. Once there, paddle north to reach the military park. After reaching the footbridge in the park, i recommend not paddling more than 1-2 miles past there. If you are stubborn, you can push on, but the channel becomes very narrow and winds through a large marsh forest where maneuvering becomes very difficult. Eventually, the channel itself becomes very ill defined. Most of the creek is located south of the bridge, where the creek becomes ever wider before reaching Black River.

HazardsNone, except the odd fishing boat
TimeExploring the entire creek from the upper reaches to Black River takes 3-4 hours round-trip
Serenity90% of the creek is pristine and completely wild, the only civilization you will see are a few houses and cabins, and the military park.
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