Masonboro Island

Masonboro Island is part of the North Carolina Estuarine Reserve program…8 miles of unspoiled coast and marsh. The island has a low ridge of dunes with mostly low-lying vegetation, but also areas with stands of bushes and trees. If you are looking for solitude on the ocean, this is it (except for the north end on weekends, where boaters congregate)! Camping is also popular on sheltered parts of the islands.

DIRECTIONS: From the north, use the Wrightsville Beach Wildlife boat ramp; from the south, use the Snow’s Cut Wildlife boat ramp

DifficultyEasy to Moderate, depending on distance and inlet conditions.
HazardsBoat traffic and extreme currents in and near inlets. Low tide may expose mudflats and oysters in the creeks on the west side of the island.
DistanceThe island is 8 miles long. Time will depend on how far you wish to travel.
SerenityOnce you get away from the inlets, you will more or less be by yourself.
MapsWrightsville Beach Access Point.
Carolina Beach Wildlife Ramp
Geocache NearbySwimming Hole Geocache