Long Creek

This is a remote tidal creek in Pender County that empties into the Northeast Cape Fear River. It is very long, as the name suggests, and completely wild except for a very few houses. It is bordered by marsh forests for its entire length, and in the upper reaches of the creek it is important to stick to the main channel or you may lose your bearings. Bring fluorescent tape on this trip, it may come in handy to mark off a tree branch here and there so you will take the correct channel back the way you came. Just remember to retrieve your pieces of tape on the way back in.

DIRECTIONS: You have two access choices: Clarks Landing in the southern part of the creek (see Boating Access Directory), or from Highway 210 in the north. Take Highway 117 north, then turn left on Highway 133. 133 eventually turns into Highway 210; continue west on it. When you reach the bridge over Long Creek, park on the northwest shoulder. Access to the creek is fairly easy. You can paddle a mile or two north of the bridge, but after a while the channel becomes very difficult to determine even with good navigational skills. Most of the creek is south of the bridge.

HazardsSome submerged stumps that are easily avoided, occasional fishing boats, and finding your way back to the put-in
TimeFrom the 210 bridge to the river and back takes a good 4-6 hours!
SerenityCompletely wild along most of the creek’s course. You might run into the odd fisherman, and there are one or two houses.
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