Brunswick River

The Brunswick river is not a river in the true sense of the word, but a channel of the Cape Fear River that connects with it’s parent river both in the north and in the south. Eagle Island sits between this “split”. One would never know it, but the Brunswick River was a busy place during World War II, when hundreds of warships were berthed there, mostly on the eastern shore at Eagle Island. Paddling the eastern shore, you may still catch a glimpse here and there of those bygone days. South of the Highway 74/76/17 bridge, the river is very wide, while to the north it is narrower. There are some houses along the west bank, but the east bank is undeveloped and consists mostly of marsh with some isolated trees and forest here and there.

DIRECTIONS: You can access the river most directly by using John D. Long Park in Belville, just south of Leland on Rt. 133, from the Sturgeon Creek (Link) bridge to the north in Navassa, or from Davis Creek (Link)

HazardsThe current and winds can pick up south of US 74/76, and much of Eagle Island is leased to duck hunters, so be cautious during duck season.
DistanceThe ‘river’ is 6 miles from the north end of Eagle Island to the south end. See the Eagle Island (Link) listing for details on longer trips
SerenitySome houses on the west bank, maybe a boat or two, and lots of marsh.
MapBrunswick River JD Long Park Launch