Bald Head Island

General Description and Directions:
The creeks of Bald Head Island are very hard to access, unless you are already on the island. Crossing the inlet between Southport or Oak Island and Bald Head Island is not recommended in a canoe or kayak, due to the tremendous effects of wind, waves, and current. You have three options for paddling the two beautiful creeks on the island: you can take the ferry from Indigo Plantation at Southport ($15 round trip, plus a fee of about $30 for stowing your canoe or kayak if you bring it), you can use your own motorboat to get to Bald Head Island, or you can rent a canoe or kayak on the island. However you get there, all paddling trips should originate from the marina. When paddling out of the marina, take a right. The first creek on your right is Bald Head Creek. Old Baldy lighthouse (1817) sits on this creek, as do several nice homes, mostly along the south shore. But for the most part, the creek is very natural, with a profusion of wild palmettos that is rare north of the island. If you paddle past the first creek and enter the second on your right, you are on Cape Creek. It has much less development than Bald Head Creek, just a few houses on the south shore. The creek is almost completely wild, and like Bald Head Creek boasts many stands of wild palmetto. On Cape Creek you will also find a roughly 45-foot observation tower and adjoining campsite complete with a cabin and outhouse. Anyone is free to use these facilities…but beware, the locals are very protective of this spot, so keep the campsite clean! Both creeks can be paddled to within spitting distance of the ocean.

DifficultyEasy to Moderate, depending on tides and wind
HazardsWallet Hazard – $$ to get on ferry. River crossings should only be made by advanced paddlers. The Cape Fear looks calm from the banks, but can get big as winds and tides change!
DistanceBald Head Creek 4 miles, Cape Creek 4.5 miles
SerenityA few houses, maybe a golfer, but otherwise very little boat traffic.
MapMap Coming Soon!