Hewlett's Creek

Hewletts Creek is the largest of the "Intracoastal Six": Futch, Pages, Howe, Bradley, Hewletts, and Whiskey creeks. Those of you who have watched the show will recognize the "Dawson's Creek" house on the main branch. The creek is bordered by a mixture of upscale homes, forest, marsh, and docks. There are many oysterbeds, so be careful not to damage your boat! Also, a good map may come in handy, as the creek splits into 3 directions (all worth exploring): The southwest (main), northwest, and north branches. The north branch can be paddled up to Greenville Loop Road, while the other two branches can be paddled until they become ever narrower, until you can't continue anymore. The southwest branch passes under Pine Grove Road.

DIRECTIONS: The only way to access the creek is by parking at the bridge shoulder on Pine Grove Road, near Efird Drive. Parking is easiest at the northwest shoulder, and access to the creek is fairly easy. You can paddle in both directions from the bridge.
Difficulty Easy
Hazards Oyster Beds - They are exposed from 2 hours before low tide to 2 hours after low.
Time/Distance The Creek is 4 miles long. Time will depend on how far you go before turning around.
Serenity Homes and docks along the shorelines
Map Map Coming Soon!